Our cusine

A simple and moderate cuisine, rigorous and delicate,
never undermined by unneccessary elaborations that disturb
the balance and the rich vitality.
Cuisine that dances lightly between condiments
made with few ingredients and the assured scents, not to cover up the essence but just to accompany it,
the essence depends on the fish's fate
(of a shellfish, of a crutacean)
that cannot be allowed to be any less than fresh.
A cuisine of sharp flavours, decided,
thrills of sea and freshness,
but also linked to the earth and the scents of the garden and the citrus orchards.
You will find our Grilled Calamari
with fennel and lemon
competing with the really tasty Calzoncini Praiano style,
not to mention the Fusilloni with Scampi and Asparagus
alternated with Calamarata pasta with cuttlefish and peas.

Che dire poi dei Gamberoni al profumo di limone,
del Filetto di Spigola con patate e olive nere;
della Pizza, caleidoscopio di ingredienti,
dove ogni proposta è passata
al vaglio di palati esigenti;
e ancora degli “speciali del giorno”,
che tanto solleticano la curiosità
dei nostri affezionati ospiti…
Per finire al nostro Semifreddo,
unico nell’intensità del sapore,
cremosa delizia per i più golosi.
Noi non sappiamo se abbiamo raggiunto la meta:
ci sentiamo in viaggio per un lungo cammino,
in quanto a tavola il nostro lavoro
ci permette di incontrare il mondo!

And what to say about the Lemon scented King prawns,
the Seabass fillet with potatoes and black olives;
the Pizza, a kaleidoscope of ingredients,
where every menu proposal has been passed by the most expert of palates;
and the "daily specials",
that so much stimulate the curiosity of our loving guests...
To finish our Semifreddo,
unique in its intensity of flavour,
a creamy Delizia for those with a sweet tooth.
We do not know if we have reached our destination:
we feel that we are on the road of a journey,
in as much as at the table our work allows us to meet the world!

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Ristorante La Strada

Ristorante La Strada

Ristorante La Strada


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